Nature Heals Through Her Earth Medicine

Nature Heals Through Her Earth Medicine
"Nature can teach a child what teachers and parents cannot." –Sadhguru

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Friday, October 29, 2021

IMPORTANT: Immune System Modulation Stack

Please read carefully...


I'm sure I've shared this with you in the past but this is pretty much the final version at this point. So I thought I would offer you the most updated and refined version. Pass it along to everyone you care about! It could save lives. I can't promise it will beat all infections, but between this stack and ivermectin, most pathogens can be beat without having to involve doctors or pharmaceuticals.

I estimate this stack has a 90% success rate, give or take 5% or so. I've thoroughly tested it for a couple decades now, all sorts of combinations and doses, and there's no doubt in my mind that there's something there. It works! It's impossible to argue with the results. And of course, as you expect, it hasn't been researched very much because there's no money to be made by big pharma with these natural ingredients.