Nature Heals Through Her Earth Medicine

Nature Heals Through Her Earth Medicine
"Nature can teach a child what teachers and parents cannot." –Sadhguru

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Sunday, December 16, 2018


A virtual Christmas card... Happy Holidays, folks! From our family to yours, here is a gift we made just for you. It was inspired by one of our favorite movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Hope you enjoy! 🙂🎄👪 Much love, Matt Leger & Family

Homesteading for Beginners - Bare Root FRUIT/NUT TREE Tips & Tricks

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Tips & Tricks fro Planting FRUIT and NUT TREES + Best Practices

I know I keep going on and on about the Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery but hear me out! This is a great company for so many reasons. Not only are they local and really know their stuff, but they also genuinely care about their customers. They want you to succeed when you buy their trees! Imagine that. They don't just send you trees and expect you to implicitly know what you're doing. There's none of that "Here are your trees. Good luck with that, buddy!" kind of nonsense.

For example, they include their business card and a well-detailed planting guide with each order. This seemingly small gesture was very much appreciated as a green homesteader. When I saw those, I felt like I at least had a game plan to get me through the process and, if all else failed and I got stuck, I could easily contact them for support. With the guide in hand, combined with additional research I had done before, the whole process went pretty smoothly, as I'm sure is fairly evident in our "Homesteading for Beginners" video series.

I scanned a copy of their business card and planting guide for your consideration. See below. The guide contains a lot of really helpful information that I wanted to share with my readers. It really helped me understand what I was doing and build confidence as I was planting my first trees.
The Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery business card (front/back).

A complimentary Planting Guide provided by Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery that comes with your order. (front)

The Planting Guide included with your tree order is well-detailed and helpful. (back)
I will continue to provide resources as I come across them. Through these blog posts and videos, I hope to demonstrate to other newbies out there that getting started with homesteading begins with that first simple step to something regenerative and wholesome. If I help you intermediate to advanced level pros out there a things or two then all the better! Please send them back my way when you see something I could improve upon or you think could be done differently.

Many thanks for reading!

Keep Dreaming BIG and Dreaming Often, my friends! :)

Homesteading for Beginners - KOREAN PINE Tree Planting & Winterizing

Learn how to plant and winterize Korean Pine trees.

Korean Pine trees, also known as PINUS KORAIENSIS, are a relatively easy tree to plant. If you order them in the mail, they will likely come in a dirt ball that has been pre-inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. As with other young trees, you want to get them in the ground ASAP. This variety of tree is a bit different though. You DO NOT need to soak them. Doing so will almost surely kill them as they are easily stressed and shocked during transplantation. This is why they come in a ball of their native soil.

An important thing to note with Korean Pines is that they won't grow much for the first 3-7 years but when they do, they blow up! Hence, location is key with these guys. Don't expect to get any nuts for the first 10-20 years. They really do take that long to mature. This tree is an investment in a long term gain.

On the positive side though, they grow very well in all kinds of soil, even poor soil or highly acidic soil and they are quite shade-tolerant. What it lacks in rapid production, it makes up for in longevity, hardiness and sheer size. In its native habitat and with ideal growing condition, it's not uncommon for these trees to grow to heights of 30 m or higher!

All in all, the Korean Pine is a fine addition to any permaculture farm or homestead.