Sunday, February 14, 2021

Observe & Interact: MGP's Top 10 Non-Migratory Birds

MGP's Top 10 Non-Migratory Birds

Here is a list of the Top 10 non-migratory birds most frequently observed on our feeders so far this winter:

1. Blue Jay: Territorial. Can mimic many other bird calls. Loves peanuts! So pretty and majestic! It's no wonder it's a favorite of so many bird-watchers.

2. Black-capped chicadee: Very friendly. Easy to tame. Can gain its trust through patience and routine hand feedings. Nice little song. So cute!

3. Junco: Travels in groups. Occasionally bullies other, smaller birds off the feeder. Ravenous feeders. Healthiest winter bird population.

4. White-breasted nuthatch: A rarer sight to see, these birds seem more timid than the others and prefer to eat alone. We only ever seen 1 or 2 of these birds at a time. They have very long beaks for their size and don't have much tolerance for other birds. They quickly fly away after eating.

5. Northern cardinal: Such pretty birds! Beautiful plumage. We have at least 2 couples that frequent our feeder daily. Zoe claims to have seen a yellow one (which is possible due to a rare pigment mutation) but it could have been a goldfinch. This bird is one of our favorites and they seem to LOVE what we put out for them because they keep coming back for more.

6. House finch: Another rare visitor. When all the other birds have had their fill, these birds will sometimes show up alone or in pairs. Typically only the females come around but we have seen the males occasionally too. Cute little birds but very skiddish.

7. Downy woodpecker: The smallest of the woodpeckers in our region. They are a little shy but they have no problem pushing out smaller birds to take their place on the feeder. These guys have a voracious appetite for suet! This is one bird we're always on the lookout for because we love see them.

8. Hairy woodpecker: Very rare. We don't see this very often, but when we do, they come around towards the end of the day when there's less competition. They are a medium sized bird, a bit smaller than a blue jay, so when they feed, they make the feeder sway significantly as they dangle upside down on it to eat. The hairy woodpecker is another rare but welcome sight that we're always happy to see.

9. Pileated woodpecker: An extremely rare visitor to our land. We see these mostly in the Spring and Summer months when insect populations are at their highest. They love to peck out giant holes in trees to access the grubs and larvae within, sometimes to the detriment of our cedars. We love to see them but we're also happy there aren't too many because they take a serious toll on our softer trees. These birds are BIG and have a very reptilian maneurism about them, almost raptor-like.

10. American goldfinch: We have only seen this bird on a handful of occasions. Its plumage is unmistakable. It leaves as fast as it comes, after checking things out and scoping the area. You're lucky to catch a glimpse of one before it flies away. They are so quick, you don't even have time to tell someone about it. But despite its fleeting nature, we love them just the same.

What birds do you have in your area? Have you observed any others or different ones where you live? Do the species also change with the seasons? Drop us a line and let us know in the comments.

Cheers! 🙂🐦

Matt Leger
Maple Grove Productions

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Homesteading for Beginners - All About WATER

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Homesteading for Beginners

All about WATER

In this first MGP original of the Permaculture Tips & Tricks playlist, we cover a BIG, often misunderstood topic - watering. [Extended Version] A lot of people ask me: "How often should I water my plants?" Unfortunately it's not that simple. In fact, it's a difficult question to answer because of all the factors at play. But the simple answer is: "Whenever your plants need it." So that begs the question: "How do I know if my plants need to be watered?" and that's really the question we should be asking ourselves. You'll be surprised at what you can do to figure that out. It's so simple! You could even say, the answer is right at your fingertips. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. ;) ;) If you have any questions or comments about anything you see or hear in the video, please let me know! We try our best to answer all questions and comments asap as they come in. Thanks for watching! :)

Homesteading for Beginners - How to Make CRUNCHY Pickles

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Homesteading for Beginners

How to Make CRUNCHY Pickles

Learn how to make CRUNCHY pickles using this easy recipe! Have you ever wondered how the heck people make crunchy pickles? Do your pickles always turn out soggy and gross? Well, fret not, my friend. Maple Grove Productions in here to share their secret recipe with you for CRUNCHY pickled cucumbers, hot peppers and beans. In fact, you could use this recipe for just about any pickled vegetable. Remember that pickling and fermentation are similar but different in many ways. The process varies significantly. Stay tuned to MGP in later 2019, early 2020 for fermentation videos. We plan to make our own sauerkraut and kimchi very soon and you can count on the fact that we will document our experience every step of the way. Hopefully by then we can pass along some valuable tips and tricks to all the viewers. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We try our best to respond to all comments in a timely manner. Thank you for watching and happy pickling! :)

Great Canadian Adventures - Springer Market Square (Kingston, ON)

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Great Canadian Adventures - Springer Market Square

Kingston, Ontario

Every summer, our family goes to Kinston, Ontario to go camping. While we're there, we always make it a point to go to the Springer Market Square for some fresh produce. We also love to just walk around and see what other goodies we can find. No two days are alike since there's such variety from one booth to next. The vendors are very friendly and we love the buskers that add a warm musical ambiance to the air.

That said, given that Springer Market Square is one of the oldest and longest running farmers markets in Canada, and of course how fond we are of it, it was only a matter of time before it made an appearance on our Great Canadian Adventures series. So here it is! But this video won't do it justice. If ever you are in the Kinston, Ontario area and the market is open, be sure to stop by and have a look. You will not be disappointed!

For more information, check out the official Springer Market Square website using the links below.

Springer Market Square

There's even a webcam of the market so you can get a bird's eye view of all the happenings before you go.

Springer Market Square Webcam

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Thank you for watching and we'll see you next time! :)

Friday, July 5, 2019

Sulphur Cinquefoil

Have you ever seen this plant and wondered what it was? No, it's not ditch weed, but it's often mistaken for it. This plant is actually in the rose (Rosaceae) family. Although it's considered an invasive species, it has numerous medicinal benefits like most "weeds" do.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Great Canadian Adventures - Seedy Saturday

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Great Canadian Adventures - Seedy Saturday

Today we're heading over to the "Seedy Saturday" seed exchange over at the Benson Center in Cornwall, Ontario. This is a great event to meet local growers, partake in fun activities with the kids and obviously there are tons of seeds to buy. We had a blast and we'll be sure to go back again next year, and if all goes well, maybe even a booth at some point too.

Seedy Saturday at the Cornwall Benson Center

Hosted by Transition Cornwall

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Great Canadian Adventures - House of Targ

Maple Grove Productions presents:

Great Canadian Adventures - House of TARG

This time around, we're heading to Ottawa, Ontario to check out House of Targ, a retro arcade featuring a wide range of arcade games, pinball games and their token perogies. It's great fun for the whole family and there are even live bands at night for the grown-ups.

House of Targ Website:

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